Committed with creativity.

Italian, from Umbria, graduated in Advertising,  follows an acting career in Paris, Barcelona, London, with several schools and teachers.

The work on the body, the movement and its expression fascinates him,  he decide to explore all its potential. A discover investigation and for sure less academic brought him to perform in  physical theatre, mime, masks, clown, Commedia dell’Arte, Opera, contemporary dance, research and experimental theatre, sensorial experiences, site-specific performances and anyhow in a traditional theatre and cinema environment.

Equipped with an overflowing creativity Daniele acts freely with diversified interests to grow up ideas in theatre, cinema, writing, illustration, painting, photography, social, sports, advertising, corporate, events, music, travel.

His own method develops a sensitivity  in discovery original forms of expression.



2013 VOLATA. Shortmovie. Dir: R.Costantini. Prod: Indipendent Zootroupe. Italy/Spain.
2013 ROCCO TIENE TU NOMBRE. Feature movie. Dir: A. Orlando. Prod: Grismedio. Italy/Spain.
2011 LA CARAVANA Y LA LECHUZA.Short movie. Dir: Sara Lopéz. Prod: ECIB. Spain.
2005 VIRTUS FC. Short movie. Dir: R.Costantini. Prod: Arcopinto+Indipendent Zootroupe. Italy


2017 Lidl. Commercials. Spain. Dir Marcus Kühne Prod: Badcat
2015 BUON VIAGGIO. Videoclip. The Flap. Dir: The Dogs. Prod: The Flap. Italy.
2014 RENAULT CAPTURE for JOHNATAN ROSS SHOW. Commercial. Renault. Uk.
2011 LETSBONUS. Commercial. Dir: Zoran Bhiac. Prod: The Lift. Spain.
2010 SIBERIA. TikiPhantom. Videoclip. Dir: D.Moreno. Prod: Pretoblanc. Spain.


2017 All my Americans – Feature movie- Voices
2012/16 ZIBALDONE. Radio BroadCast. Radio Contrabanda. Dir: Steven Forti. Barcelona.
2015 MAGIAS MISTRAL. Dubbing for educational videos. Dir: M.Velasco. Prod: Mistral. Spain.
2013 A ROMA CON AMOR (W. Allen). Dubbing cinema. Dir: R.Calvo. Prod: Soundstudio. Spain.

2015 REVERIE. Founder and director. Daniele Ridolfi Company. Physical theater. Debut at the Festival Cos Reus 2015 + Uk Tour.
2013 TENGO HAMBRE. Founder and director Pulcinellarum comp. Immersive food theatre. Barcelona.

2015 BODY LANGUAGE. Training for commercial team. Arts & Development, Gecom. Barcelona.
2014 COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE. Induction workshop. Goldsmith University. London.
2013 LEARNING FOR LIFE. Forum theatre, corporate training. Just DBT, Nortdesk oil. Italy, Uk.
2012 CREATIVIty. Workshop and team-building, B-Motion, Best Western Italia. Milano.
2012 THEATRE and ENTREPRENEURS. Motivational power. DiTowanda, Deusto University. Bilbao.
2012 RESILIENCE. Training for sales and customer service. DiTowanda, Iberia. Madrid
2011 THEATRE AND CHARACTERS. Workshop for beginners. Pro-loco Ripa. Perugia (Italy)
2010/12 CHANGE MANAGEMENT. Training team-building for commercials. Roca snc. Barcelona.
2005 MIME. Mime clases for 6-10 kids. Primary School “Paul Valery”. Paris.

2000/04- DUTEP. ADVERTISING AND COMUNICATION. University for foreigners of Perugia. Perugia

2010/2012 TEATRO DE LOS SENTIDOS (SENSES THEATRE) immersive and sensorial. Dir:Enrique Vargas. Barcelona
2012 LABORATORIUM TEATRO BCN. Grotowsky Method. Dir: Sergio Sivori. Barcelona.
2008/09 DRAMA. (Manuel Lillo method.) Txiqui Berrahondo. Barcelona.
2009 ARS COMICA. Commedia dell’Arte modern Comedy. Dir: Antonio Fava. Reggio Emilia
2005/07 MOVEO. Mime Decroux & Physical theatre. Dir: Stephan Levi Sophie Kasser. Barcelona
2004 ECOLE INTERNATIONAL DE MIME. Mime corporelle dramatique. Dir: Ivan Bacciocchi. Paris


2016 Kary Margolis. The warrior actors.
2015 FAMILIE FLOZ. Acting and masks. Familie Floz. London
2015 PEEPING TOM. Training. Peeping Tom.Carrizo – Cartier. Barcelona
2015 PHYSICAL STORYTELLING. Storytelling. M.Magni. Teatre de Complicité. London.
2014 STARTING POINT. Physical theatre. A.Arden, K.Zaremba Teatre de Complicité. London.
2014 ON THE HIGHT ROAD. Contemporary Physical. Willson, Clark. Clod Ensamble. London
2014 THE DROWNED MAN. Masterclass. Maxine Doyle. Punchdrunk. London.
2014 IGNITION. Contemporary Physical. Neil Bettles. Frantic Assembly. London
2013 MASCARAS HUMANAS. acting andmasks. Pau Cirer. Barcelona.
2013 THE POETIC BODY. Physical theatre lecoq method. Thomas Prattki. Lispa. London.
2013 THE ARTICULATE BODY. Physical Thatre. Anne Denise. La Casona. Barcelona.
2012 CLOWN. Modern Clown. Diego Mauriño. Rai Art. Barcelona.
2011 CLOWN. Clown. Phlippe Gaulier. Nau Ivanow. Barcelona.
2010 THE ACTOR WARRIOR. Physical thatre. Kary Margolis. Apdac. Barcelona
2006 MIMO Y OBJECTOS. Mime M.Marceau. Wolfang V. Bodecker. Ecole international de mime. Paris.