LA PAZZIA DI ISABELLA – Commedia dell’Arte

LA PAZZIA DI ISABELLA is a classical commedia written the year 1604 by Flaminio Scala, italian comico and playwright.

The Pazzia is part of a collection of comedies, tragedies and pastoral entitled “Il Teatro delle favole rappresentative” that were inspired by the company “I Gelosi” the first of the great companies of the tradition. In fact, The Pazzia would be the first great success of the comic Italians abroad, played at the court of France.

Synopsis: After pledging eternal love to Flaminia senorita, Orazio is captured by the Turks and imprisoned, where he met the lady Isabella, who flees and returns to earth. This is where our play begins, and where the passions of the people is unleashed. Ties love interest, disappointments, and challenges arms are crossed in this classic commedia del Cinquecento, with the classic characters of the Italian theatrical tradition.

La Pazzia de Isabella – The Madness of Isabella by  Flaminio Scala. Performed by: Ana Patricia Jiménez, Daniele Ridolfi, Felipe Cabezas – Direction: Felipe Cabezas – Costume: Isabella Pintani – Production: Ira Teatro – 2010