Contemporary new tech theatre –

An open script to improvise and explore with technologies and audience.

A performance/ istallation to think about the relation of our memories and the technologic storage.

Prodution: Pulcinellarum tech. 2013.

During my trip I take with me a secret.
Everything else burns. My memory is a fire, continuously.
My memories, dreams and thoughts are out of order fragments.
Finding myself living with my secret, turning to find him again and again.
My secret is …

If tomorrow you lost your “memory” what is the only thing you want to remember?

From a survey of physical memory physical theater, Daniele Ridolfi explores and investigates the forgotten emotions, physical sensations and experiences.

To remember your own secret.

Poetic, with a touch of humor, aimed at an audience curious and introspective, with a symbolic body language.

A staging minimalist new technologies open new horizons of perception.